ExpertGPS 6.23

Views and edits GPS waypoints, routes, and tracks
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View the content of GPS maps and modify the tracklogs. The suite views selected maps with an option to zoom in and out of a chosen area, replace the background images in BMP, JPG, PNG, TIF, SVG, or KMZ and ut, copy, or paste waypoints to generate routes.

This is a revolutionary product called Expert GPS, Expert GPS is highly useful for people interested in Hunting, Scouting, Mountain biking, Fishing, Tracking, state and local agencies in the US as well as geometric studies. It is available for Windows XP & Vista and it is helpful in viewing map points, Topo Maps, arial photos and many more. This Expert GPS is also compatible with Google Earth, AutoCad, Microsoft Excel and ArcGIS, which allows user to choose and stay at ease with whatever format they have been using since long. Easy to use with facility to refresh the current map along with facilities like Copy and paste from Google earth or Xls files. It also plays as a vital toll to find geo-coding based addresses and lets you create way points and routes in almost no time. It also has ability to remember your last way points and retrieve the information from your editing. Highly user friendly with number of shortcut keys available. And while this is not just it, with Expert GPS you can plan your trips well in advance and keep your friends informed. Expert GPS also allows user to add their photos to the map

Manoj Goel
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  • Conversion of files from GPX to many formates available
  • user can use their own aerial photos, maps
  • One click can change the view from maps to Aerial Photographs
  • compatible to most of GPS handsets


  • High cost
  • Hangs during the start up
  • only available for US
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