ExpertGPS 4.69

Draw trails directly on maps and send to your GPS
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Download scanned USGS 1:24K topo maps. Connect your GPS and see how far, how fast you went. Draw trails directly on maps and send to your GPS. Your photos appear exactly where you took them.
ExpertGPS is the ultimate GPS map software for planning outdoor adventures. View GPS waypoints and tracklogs from any handheld GPS receiver over aerial photos and US topographic maps. Plan your next outdoor adventure over scanned USGS topo maps and send a route directly to your GPS receiver to guide you in the field. View your GPS tracklog over an aerial photo to see exactly where you went.
ExpertGPS handles all your mapping and data-conversion jobs. You'll be able to convert any GPS, GIS, or CAD data to or from GPX, Google Earth KML or KMZ, Excel CSV or TXT, SHP shapefiles, or AutoCAD DXF drawings in two clicks. You can reproject data in any geographic format (lat-lon, UTM, US State Plane) and change datums instantly. With ExpertGPS, you'll be able to calculate acreage, measure distance, elevation and grade.

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